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Gas & Other Fuels Heating System Servicing, Maintenance Repair and selected Replacement and associated services and associated supplies

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Title Gas & Other Fuels Heating System Servicing, Maintenance Repair and selected Replacement and associated services and associated supplies

Advantage South West

Published Date July 28, 2021, 2:17 p.m. (July 28, 2021, 2:17 p.m.)
Close Date Aug. 31, 2021, noon ( Aug. 31, 2021, noon )
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All information is available from www.advantageswtenders.co.uk Project ref: DN599603 The inspection, servicing and repair of heating equipment is a fundamental responsibility that landlords are obligated to undertake. In particular it is a requirement that all gas, LPG and oil powered appliances owned by the landlord are serviced annually. This framework will cover the servicing, repair, replacement and upgrade of heating systems (including hydrogen should it be implemented). Please note that Members retain the right to utilise all or part of these when mini-tendering. The main elements of the scope of service are: • Safety Checks; • Periodic Servicing and Inspections; • Routine Maintenance; • Diagnosis of faults; • Responsive Maintenance; • Out of Hours Emergency Work; • Ad hoc boiler replacements (excluding planned programmes); • Commercial and communal boiler • Technical Inspections; and • Mutual Exchange Gas Tests All properties must have a valid Landlord's Gas Safety Record (LGSR) or OFTEC certificate as appropriate. The minimum acceptable performance level is 100%. As the provision and retention of accurate up-to-date information is a crucial part of this type of contract, we require that the contractor provides access to a secure online system to manage information. Whilst this framework allows the landlord to order the installation of replacement systems, it does not create a contractual obligation for the client to award all replacements to the successful contractor. Lot 1: East Devon District Council (EDDC) Two companies appointed to framework. Direct award of full contract to company in first place. It is anticipated that the Contract will commence in April 2022 and will run for four years, with an option to continue for up to a further six years (subject to agreement by both parties) ie a maximum of ten years. Should the contract with the company in first place be terminated EDDC will be able, should it wish, to offer the contract to the second placed company. EDDC's stock is mostly within the East Devon district in postcode areas EX8 - EX14, EX15 (part), EX4 - EX5 (Part), EX24. East Devon District Council (EDDC) owns approximately 4250 properties, mainly in East Devon. Of these, approximately 3000 have equipment that will be covered by this contract. Lot 2: Advantage South West Framework. Enough tenderers to provide suitable competition for future mini-competitions will be awarded places on the framework to provide geographical coverage for Advantage South West Members. Contracts will be awarded through further competition. Please note that some Members undertake this work in-house and some have contractual arrangements already in place. Consequently there is no guarantee that any work will be awarded from this Lot. The framework validity period will be 3 January 2022 - 2 January 2026. Members can award contracts that outlast the end date of the framework, and this will be the case for the direct awards in Lot 1.

CPV Codes

50720000 Repair and maintenance services of central heating