Atlantic & Moor Rural Services

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Title Atlantic & Moor Rural Services
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Words Relevance
local taxation 66.6257
such applicants 63.668
Community capacity building 62.4654
local residents of CLLD core neighbourhoods 60.605399999999996
delivery of services 60.4067
While technically there are only 2 villages across the AMLAG area, Tintagel and Lanivet, the remaining target areas comprise of market and coastal towns which are typically rural in nature compared to urban settlements. The characteristics that support this are the lower population levels (e.g. most towns in Cornwall are smaller than English villages such as Bradfield, Lancing and Kidlington); as well as reduced access to services, in part due to lacking a critical mass of people typically required to sustain them through local taxation, direct charging or local fundraising. A significant example of this is local transport options; without access to a car it is very difficult to get around North Cornwall. Legacy is a crucial aspect of AMLAG's strategy to economically develop the area and creating new or developing existing infrastructure for the delivery of services is a very important part of this. As such, this call aims to support the creation or development of rural services where a need can be demonstrated and a business case for financial sustainability is proposed. This call is not prescriptive regarding the nature of the services that will be supported, but projects must be eligible and demonstrate a benefit to AMLAG's core areas. Innovative projects are sought that propose the implementation of new services or the development of an existing service where there is a clear and demonstrated economic benefit to one or more of AMLAG's core areas. Local transport issues should be considered intrinsically with all projects and creative solutions are encouraged. Applicants will seek to develop services that enable local residents of CLLD core neighbourhoods to access support, services and opportunities, including accessing affordable energy. CLLD will fund projects that engage and empower local people to tackle local issues through training activities bolstered by capital investment into buildings, equipment and potentially vehicles. Community capacity building is crucial for individuals and communities to develop resilience and to create opportunities; as such applicants to this call will demonstrate their approach to capacity building with an economic outcome. Capacity building through skills development: Projects will deliver a level of 'training' relevant to the needs of unemployed or economically inactive residents and move them closer to the workforce. This may include addressing soft skills such as increasing confidence, raising aspiration and boosting self-esteem; accredited training; or anything in between. Following the intervention at least 50% of participants will be supported into further training, job seeking or employment such as a trade apprenticeship. Capacity building through capital expenditure: Projects will be supported that create or develop infrastructure to enable the delivery of services or access to them & can be utilised as part of the capacity building activity. See attached Call Proposal for more details

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