Business Development & Growth

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Title Business Development & Growth
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The overarching aim of the AMLAG CLLD strategy is to provide better economic opportunities for residents and businesses in the area. It is therefore a key priority to encourage, and help facilitate, sustainable business growth in local companies that will provide increased opportunities for employment, improved economic situations for those living here, and a positive legacy. Projects are invited that provide support local businesses to grow, create jobs, and to recruit from the AMLAG region. Projects are invited that support the growth of local business, the creation of jobs, and the recruitment of employees from the AMLAG region. Projects will take the form of either business support and consultancy, or capital investment activity. Support and consultancy will represent a minimum of 12 hours interaction with businesses. Indicatively, the Local Action Group has allocated the following amount: 180,000 ERDF ERDF and ESF investment in the CLLD target areas is intended to make a significant impact on local employment, skills and enterprise. The minimum application level for funding is 50,000 All potential applicant organisations are encouraged to work together with other local partners to generate new ideas, approaches and develop joint proposals. Typically projects should plan to deliver activity for a minimum of 6 months and can plan to deliver up to June 2022. However, the LAG reserves the right to vary the minimum and maximum durations, upwards or downwards. Outputs to be delivered C1 : Number of Enterprises receiving support : 15 ERDF Outputs : In addition, we expect that organisations may achieve some or any of the following: Number of new enterprises receiving support Employment increase in supported enterprises Square metres public or commercial building built or renovated in target areas. See attached Call proposal for further information

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