Developing People

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Title Developing People
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Part of the aim of the Local Development Strategy 76.2102
potential duplication 66.5481
Cornwall Council Labour Market Assessment 61.900299999999994
local availability of employment 61.695699999999995
new types of delivery 60.4607
Part of the aim of the Local Development Strategy for the Atlantic and Moor area is to provide better pathways to better economic opportunities for people and business by strengthening the local availability of employment, skills and training. The Cornwall Council Labour Market Assessment for August 2019 shows that there is a slightly higher percentage of people claiming Universal Credit in the North Cornwall Area (5.7% versus 5.5% for Cornwall), as well as a higher number of vacancies (1.2% / 486 vacancies). Of those claiming Universal Credit (3051 in North Cornwall) approximately 630 would be considered 'unemployed or inactive' and therefore eligible under this call. Projects are invited that will provide support and deliver to those who are not in employment at the current time. We recognise the limited number of employment, skills and training opportunities in this part of Cornwall which is partly due to the difficulties of rurality and small population centres. However, we believe there is scope to develop new types of delivery with very localised activity, or innovative approaches to engaging people and supporting them to access opportunities to develop themselves. Projects will work with those who are 'unemployed' or inactive' and will move people into or closer to the labour market. Links with employers (local and national) will be a crucial element of the projects as will support for participants to access the opportunities. In particular: Projects that demonstrate a link between local employers staffing needs and the proposed training offer will be a higher priority for support. Projects where skills development is provided to eligible participants in a way that also aims to address the most acute issues identified in the IMD will also be a higher priority for support. Applicants may plan to deliver in one or more of the AMLAG target areas. Applicants will also need to demonstrate how they plan to tailor their support for each area taking into account the differing demographics in the different parts of the area. Indicatively, the Local Action Group has allocated the following amount: 250,000 ESF ERDF and ESF investment in the CLLD target areas is intended to make a significant impact on local employment, skills and enterprise. It is anticipated that a maximum of 3 projects will be supported to deliver this activity across AMLAG. This is due to the need to strategically coordinate delivery and reduce the risk of overlapping or potential duplication. The minimum application level for funding is 50,000 All potential applicant organisations are encouraged to work with other local partners to generate new ideas, approaches and develop joint proposals, whilst minimising duplication. Projects should plan to deliver activity for a minimum of 6 months and can plan to deliver up to June 2022. The LAG reserves the right to vary the minimum and maximum duration, upwards or downwards. See Call Proposal for more details

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