Pre-Employment Programme (PEP) Study

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Title Pre-Employment Programme (PEP) Study
Value £85K
Published Date 2019-10-14 11:47:43+00:00 (2019-10-14 11:47:43+00:00)
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Words Relevance
aim of this research 82.0668
significant proportion of employers 68.9655
considerable number of non-government organisations 67.2657
better understanding 64.42949999999999
young people 63.899300000000004
*** Updated Expression of Interest 14/10/19 *** Increased scope and indicative contract value. A considerable number of non-government organisations and charities look to develop skills, offer work experience, training and advice to all ages, with some specialising in those aged 16-24. Existing evidence suggests a significant proportion of employers offer work experience and/or recruit disadvantaged young people, combining recruitment and corporate responsibility strategies. However, there is little evidence on what strategies and programmes are used, how these are received and the extent that government funding streams are used in combination. Interventions fall into 3 broad categories: engagement (e.g. job fairs or taster days); work experience; and training. This research will provide valuable insight on how employers are using these types of schemes, their motivations and barriers to participation. Findings will provide a better understanding of how employers choose to help and recruit those further from the labour market, separately from government funding and requirements. The aim of this research is to gain a detailed understanding of how and why employers use non-government-funded pre-employment recruitment and training schemes, to outline what factors are important in encouraging employers to engage with and/or recruit disadvantaged young people and what levers are available to policy-makers to influence them. An additional element would including looking to understand why employers use government funded pre-employment schemes, such as traineeships, and their experiences. The deadline for EOI responses is 23.59 on Wednesday 23rd October 2019

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