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NHSBT1261 Licencing, Development, Support and Maintenance

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Title NHSBT1261 Licencing, Development, Support and Maintenance
Organisation NHS Blood & Transplant
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red cell 74.05030000000001
ongoing provision of support 71.4866
blood donor 66.9399
patient testing system 65.7228
Stem Cell Donation 65.4842
Hematos is a blood donor and patient testing system, supporting the bulk of NHSBT's Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services (DTS) Directorate. As a system it records immunogenetic test data including red cell, HLA and HPA types to support all of the DTS "Specialist Services" functions: Red Cell Immunohaematology, International Blood Group Reference Laboratory, Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics, Cellular and Molecular Therapies, Stem Cell Donation and Transplantation (SCDT). Hematos additionally supports the National Bacteriology Laboratory (NBL). In the SCDT function Hematos is used to support the collection, processing and distribution of stem cell and cord blood products and the creation and maintenance of a searchable registry of potential adult bone marrow/stem cell donors and a searchable bank of cord blood donations. Hematos is critical to all aspects of business as usual within DTS, and to the delivery of the strategic plans for 2014-20. The requirement of this tender is for the ongoing provision of support and, in response to changing business circumstances such as new/amended regulations, maintenance services for these systems.

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