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Provision of Offsite Sterilisation & Autoclaving Services

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Title Provision of Offsite Sterilisation & Autoclaving Services
Organisation NHS Blood & Transplant
Value £80K
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Words Relevance
Eye Services 90.9363
effective tissue grafts 73.4675
high quality 67.6972
NHSBT Tissue 64.5957
sterilisation service NHSBT Tissue 64.4807
Tissue and Eye Services (TES) is a specialist function within the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Directorate of National Health Service Blood & Transplant (NHSBT). TES provide high quality, cost effective tissue grafts for the benefit of patients, and every effort is made to ensure the safety and efficiency of our products. NHSBT Tissue and Eye Services are licensed by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) for the retrieval, storage, processing and distribution of human tissue for transplantation throughout the UK. Wherever possible, single use disposable instruments are used for the retrieval and processing of tissue however there are certain instruments which are required to be reused. This specification details the requirements for the sterilisation service NHSBT Tissue and Eye Services requires for the collection, sterilisation and return of instruments.

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