Procurement of Mezzanine floor and clean room

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Title Procurement of Mezzanine floor and clean room




Published Date July 28, 2021, 4:50 p.m. (July 28, 2021, 4:50 p.m.)
Close Date Aug. 13, 2021, noon ( Aug. 13, 2021, noon )
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The Oxford Health Company, setup in 2012, is located in Bicester Oxfordshire, in the heart of the UK and is the owner of the brands Oxford Vitality and Oxford Contract Manufacturing. Our manufacturing facilities are certified FSSC 22000 and a major business objective is to ensure that all operations concerning the sale & manufacture of its products conform to the standards so the certification can be maintained. We operate in a new facility opened in 2019 which totals 14,000 sq ft and due to expansion we want to add a mezzanine floor to increase the number of production rooms we have on site. Brief We require the design and build of a new mezzanine floor to increase production space in our existing facility. In addition we need a clean room constructed to enclose the space. We have produced a full specification that should have all the information required to provide a quote. Specification Attached is the detailed specification with all relevant information relating to this tender including how to apply and how the process will be judged. Mezzanine The mezzanine is to be installed over existing internal rooms, these are constructed with timber stud walling, therefore we will require the mezzanine to be installed with fire protection underneath to meet minimum statutory requirements. There will be no need for lighting etc under the mezzanine and simple fire boarding or a similar low cost option is satisfactory. The mezzanine will need to have a large room constructed on it to enclose the floor space. Hygienic doors with viewing windows into both staircases will enter into one large area. Potential places for support pillars have been planned out in the simple diagram on the specification document to indicate the best places when considering the rooms underneath, this can be changed but should be followed closely and changes agreed. Viewing of the site can be arranged. The mezzanine room will be used as a mixing / blending area and will need to contain a tumbler, weight around 2.5 tonnes which will pickup and blend 1 tonne IBC (3,500 Kg in total with some inertia force from a 12 RPM spin of the 1000Kg Mix Drum), at any one time there would not be more than 15 Tonnes of Equipment and Materials, however to overspec we have decided on a total weight capacity of 25 Tonnes being suitable. The mixed IBC will be rolled by hand on wheels above the "Drop Through" holes, these are 50cm diameter holes we require made in the hole in the locations on the simple plan attached. Our selection criteria will be based upon: 75% price 10% Quality of specification 10% Time 5% Quality of response Applying & Questions To apply or submit questions please contact Pete@tohc.co.uk

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