The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

Shopmobility & Community Access Soft Market Testing

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Title Shopmobility & Community Access Soft Market Testing
Organisation The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
Value £125K
Published Date 2019-10-09 09:56:32+00:00 (2019-10-09 09:56:32+00:00)
Close Date 2019-10-24 22:00:00+00:00 ( 2019-10-24 22:00:00+00:00 )
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Location London | KT1 1EU



Words Relevance
Kingston Council 91.7516
Shop Mobility service 83.44200000000001
Kingston Town Centre 67.6655
mobility needs 63.80820000000001
additional access 63.71210000000001
Kingston Council is committed to making sure that Kingston Town Centre is inclusive and accessible for all residents and visitors and to improving the experience of people who may have additional access or mobility needs. The Shop Mobility service contributes to the vision set out in the Council's Corporate Plan: Kingston will be a vibrant, diverse and inclusive borough, where residents are active, empowered, engaged and able to remain independent and resilient The service also forms part of the Council's broader accessibility programme under development in Adult Social Care which includes access to the community through travel and transport, access to social and economic wellbeing through supported employment and access to social, leisure and learning opportunities and religious or faith based activity.

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